Eλβετία : Κατώτατη ασφαλιστική εισφορά ύψους μόλις 389.49 ετησίως για τα εισοδήματα κάτω των 7.625,77 ευρώ!


With or without salaried employees, your self-employment activity requires affiliation with a social security (AVS) fund. Our fund will examine your right to be self-employed by means of a questionnaire. Once you have completed this first step, you must pay the social contributions for yourself and/or your employees (shared contributions).

Type of contributions Annual income Rate



(personal contributions)


CHF 55,700


from CHF 55,700

to CHF 9,300

decreasing rate

from 9.202%

to 5.223%

less than CHF 9,300 CHF 475



1st Pillar: Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance AHV/IV/EO – contributions for self-employed persons Maximum rate 9.70% 

A. Maximum rate applies for annual income of at least CHF 55,700 

B.  Lower annual limiting amount For insured salaries between CHF 9,300 and CHF 55,700 sliding scale applies

C. Minimum contribution 475 CHF  fo Self-employed persons and persons not in gainful employment – with income under 9,300 CHF

9.300 CHF = 7625.77 euro

  475   CHF  = 389.49 euro