Residence permit for foreigners homeowners in Greece

Residence permit for foreigners homeowners in Greece

According to Article 20  L. 4251/2014 (see  older Laws 3978/2011 and  4146/2013) Greece now provides the possibility of granting a five-year residence permits to third-country nationals who are homeowners and investors of worth at least € 250,000 in Greece.

Beneficiaries of entry and residence of five years are:

  1. Third-country nationals who have personally or through a company , provided that their wholly owned shares or shares in full ownership and possession property in Greece, with minimum height two hundred fifty thousand (250,000)
  2. Citizens of third countries that have concluded at least ten years timeshare hotel accommodation or tourist furnished residences of Article 8. 2 of Law 4002/2011 (Government Gazette A180) if the minimum height of the lease amounts to € 250,000.
  3. Third-country nationalswho either  stay legally,  title stay,  in Greece, either wish to enter and to stay at the  country and who theyhave  full ownership, possession and occupation of real estate in Greece,  who they bought before the entry into force of 4146/2013  if the price where they had pay  was or or today’s objective value of real  property  of theirs stands in two hundred fifty thousand (250,000)
  4. Third-country nationals who have full ownership of property in Greece, the minimum amount of which is two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) Euros and which property was brought to them by gift or parental provision.  The right stay in  thiscase is exercised only from the gift or  the parental provide recipient .
  5. third country citizens who are buying land and carry out construction of a building,if the sum of the value of the purchase contract and the contractor’s erection contract is at least two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euros.
  6. third country nationals who have entered into ten-year time share according to   1652/1986 devices.  The timeshare in Article 1 of Law. 1652/1986, is the undertaking of the lessor to grant each year to the lessee, during the contract, using the tourist accommodation and give him related services during specified by the contract period and the tenant to pay the rent as agreed.
  7. The family members of above  civils of  third countries.


Conditions for obtaining a residence permit for property owners in Greece.

To obtain the permit, the following conditions must be met:

  1. a) The property will be owned and possession to their owners.
  2. b) In the case of jointly owned property worth € 250,000, granted a right of residence only if the property owners are husband and wife who own the property undivided.

In all other cases of shared ownership, the right of residence is granted only if the amount invested by each co-owner, is € 250,000.

  1. c) If the owner of the property has been acquired through a legal person, should belong entirely shares or shares.
  2. d) The right of residence provided in cases where the third-country citizen owns, either personally or through a legal person, more than one property at a total value of at least € 250,000.
  3. e) documented intention of buying property, it must be proved by documents proving financial ability (eg certificate recognized bank A policy or official financial institution or other recognized securities custody organization) which certify the existence of bank accounts or other securities, in particular bonds or shares, to cover the investment of funds of at least € 250.000 and the applicant’s intention to buy the property (award contract law or real estate agent).
  4. f) For citizens of third countries that have concluded at least ten-year lease of hotel accommodation or tourist furnished residences to complex tourist accommodation, if the minimum height of the lease amounts to € 250,000, to be derived from the contract the lump sum payment of the rent corresponding in ten hiring of accommodation or tourist furnished residences.

For these cases, the amount of real estate will be apparent from what is indicated on contract property values or lease contracts.

It specifies that as the price of the property value for the purposes of Law. 4146/2013 means the amount expressly stated in the contract that paid for the transaction.

Not interested in the objective value of the property unless this is the amount stated in the contract that paid for the transaction.

Renewable residence permit for homeowners

Residence permits are renewed for an equivalent time period and for as many times as the person wishes.

For the renewal of the residence permit, you must:

-The Property remains in the ownership and possession of the person concerned.

-To Remain in force provided leases.

-Any Periods of absence from the country are not reason for the renewal of the residence permit.



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