Female Hotness Is Inversely Proportional To Female Gratitude

Female Hotness Is Inversely Proportional To Female Gratitude

The younger, hotter, tighter a girl, the less grateful she is for male attention. She expects it, so when she gets it she’s not grateful, only slightly annoyed that yet again her expectations were met in the most dully predictable manner possible.

This is why it’s counterproductive to compliment girls when they are within the window of maximum nubility (age 15-25). Complimenting a hot babe is an automatic admission against interest; you soil your SMV relative to hers and to the men who don’t compliment her. At her hottest, her ego will never be bigger. A lifetime of poz-facilitated ego stroking will never match the natural ego tumescence she has at her fertile juiciest, when her Bartholin’s sniffy lube engorges not just labial folds but limbic folds.

Telling her in so many words or betrayals of body language that she is a scarce commodity is a tingle killer because you’re not telling her anything she doesn’t already know. She may not be averse to hearing it — if only because a tiny dopamine hit is worth suffering the clumsy proximity of the source — but she won’t be intrigued by the man plying her with compliments. Given enough thirsty betas lavishing her with happy feelz and she’ll come to resent her flatterers; compliments will seem to her assumptions of mutual love she doesn’t share.

Girls are attracted to men who defy their expectations without remorse or apology. The lack of fervid flattery by these men is assumed by a girl to be evidence of confidence in their station and acclimation to endless glowing receptions from women. Non-neediness and disinterest in courting approval is the attitude that drives women crazy with curiosity.

The time in a woman’s life to compliment her is when she has gracefully aged into gratitude (or long before she has matured into ingratitude — little girls need a father’s protective love). A woman who has shed her insta-sex appeal receives fewer genuine compliments from fewer HSMV men. That’s why when bootlicking white knights assert that women are “nice to men who are nice to them”, they are really talking about women past their Peak Allure. (In my observation, suck-up white knights are rarely with hot girls; their treacle can thus be summarized as a long-form exclamation of sour grapes and ego assuaging misattribution).

Can we extrapolate the attraction triggers and dampeners in a 20 year old hottie as operative over the course of her lifetime? Yes, with a caveat. Women never really lose their taste for jerkboys, but they do gain a seasoned (heh) appreciation for the complimenting niceguys they looked past when the looking was good. When women age and their mate choice options dwindle, their willingness to settle for a boring non-asshole beta increases. This is why compliments that once landed with a thud on an HB land like manna from heaven on an FHB (former hot babe).

Lesson: If you want gratitude from women, choose your targets wisely. And tailor your message. Seducing a young hottie? She’ll be grateful if you make her desire you. Chatting asexually with a former hottie? She’ll be grateful if you make her feel desirable again.