Excessive Hypergamy is Epigenetic

Excessive Hypergamy is Epigenetic

Time after time reading posts at the Rational Male, I wonder if American women really are that bad? I think I asked it in a comment and someone replied YES. Well, if so many are it looks like they all are, then there’s something wrong with the gene pool or the water, and I suspect both.

I get hypergamy. Of course each woman wants to get a good deal for a partner. But a functional woman who does get a good deal dials down her hypergamy so she can make a good partner and raise successful children – if you believe in evo-psycho. The hypergamy is never turned off, but in an emotionally-balanced and healthy woman it only becomes active again if her husband starts behaving in a manner that threatens her survival, rather than simply having a bad day. If a healthy woman still has her hypergamy running, it’s because she made a bad choice of partner – and then you have to wonder how healthy she really is.

Having found a good partner, the chances that she will find a better one are vanishingly small once she gets over thirty-five and/or the second child. A healthy woman will know that, an unhealthy one with delusions will prefer denial. Keeping the hypergamy turned up in a relationship with a good husband is dysfunctional – it prevents her from running a productive relationship with her husband and child.

I’m saying two things:

First, it’s not a sign of too much Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Klein, Susan Brownmiller or Anita Sarkeesian. That’s getting the cause and effect reversed: women don’t watch Oprah and get ridiculous ideas about what they are entitled to, they have ridiculous entitlements and watch Oprah to reinforce them. Young women who can’t do STEM or vocational degrees do bogus ones like women’s studies. It isn’t the degree that made them weak-minded, they already were. If the audience is large enough, there’s a profit to be made pandering to them, and that’s what American men see when they stray into the media for the emotionally unstable. In a country of three hundred million people, a lot of lunatic niches can be profitable.

Second, this dysfunctional behaviour is a symptom of organic disorders transmitted from parents and caused by epigenetic modifications. (The chemical mess that is the human genome can be modified by the addition or removal of chemical signals in various places. These modifications affect the way the underlying genome is processed by the rest of the cell, it doesn’t change the DNA sequence of the genome. Epigenetic effects are heritable and usually fade out after three generations.) The birth control pill, junk food, and the environmental stresses to which the 1960’s / 70’s generation of American women were subject, had epigenetic consequences for some of those women which shows up as dysfunctional hypergamous behaviour in their daughters and grand-daughters. Unlike the Dutch Famine of 1944 the same factors continue to operate now, and in fact the environmental stresses are even higher. So American men can expect more generations of crazy women.

This is why Rollo’s Red Pill seems so harsh and lacks the humour and affection of Roissy’s Sixteen Commandments. Rollo is writing about women, and the culture around women, who have epigenetics that make them unstable and dysfunctional. The size of his audience suggests there are a lot of them in the US, and that a lot of men didn’t understand what they were seeing and marrying.

Rollo writes about women whose hypergamy is amped-up, out-of-control dysfunctional because they are organically damaged. A lot of what he writes about is a rationalisation of the crazed beliefs and deranged behaviour caused by that damage (the Feminine Imperative), or is commentary on the junk culture that sucks profit from that damage. These are the women who will carry on what amounts to domestic guerrilla warfare for decades until they have the perverse satisfaction of knowing they have taken a strong man and made a stub of him. (What kind of person even does that?) These are the women who regard divorce as a financial strategy, choose lawyers who have no problem making false allegations of child abuse, spousal rape and battery, and then defy court orders about the father’s visitation rights. These are the women who lie about using birth control to trap the man into marriage, or child support payments. This is why the MRA have such a hard time: they are dealing with problems caused by disordered women that no court or law in the land can solve.

Whatever was in the water, the food or the rest of the environment in the US just wasn’t in the UK (*), though it seems to have been in Sweden and Germany. It’s not going to change, and it could well be a permanent feature of the population. American men need to learn to ignore the dysfunctionals and their culture. I get that it’s pretty hard when the majority of the population is obese and ugly, and when away from the big cities man can go for days or even entire counties without seeing one woman with an attractive personality and figure, which I gather is the way it is in the USA.

Let’s be clear about this: a woman exercising hypergamy in the search for a long-term partner, or, having decided she doesn’t want that, exercising hypergamy in the search for short-term partners, is looking for the best deal she can get. Men do it. Businesses do it. Her search process can feel harsh if she dated you a couple of times and you liked her, but she decided you weren’t a good bet. Hence the need for Game. Young men need to understand that she’s with you either because she likes the ride you’re offering (which is Rollo’s solution) or because she sees you as a useful resource for her plans (Beta bucks). All men need to understand that even in a relationship with a healthy woman, they need to be assertive, to have a direction and to supply a certain amount of attention, drama, fun and challenge – leavened with a few moments of Beta comforting now and again. This is what Heartiste writes about (or used to before the 2016 election run-up), and I’ve always recognised his world rather than Rollo’s.

(*) I’d say the women in the UK have improved since the 1970’s because they know the aren’t going to be forced to do things – like getting married and having children – that they don’t want to do. They are a couple of sizes larger than they were when I was a teenager, but so are the men. There were a lot of hard-faced gossips around in the 1960’s, and their equally hard-faced gossip daughters now have jobs in mid-level administration. There were a lot of trivial airheads then and there are now. There were women being loudly drunk in Islington on a Saturday night in 1930, and their great-grandaughters still are.There were Career Women in the 1930’s and there are more of them now, many of whom have made the same calculation about the value of domestic partnership that single men make.  But there are fewer women trapped in unsuitable marriages making their husband’s lives miserable, and there were millions of those in 1965. And Angry Young Women will always be with us.