The fabulous feng shui of MELBOURNE

Melbourne has moved up once again in the rankings compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit. YES Melbourne has been ranked as number one in a survey of 140 cities around the world in August 2011 by the ETU as the world’s most livable city. This annual report assessed every twelve months takes into the consideration each city’s location and its conditions of living. Melbourne was put in top place as the city that provides the best living conditions using factors such as livability, culture, infrastructure, education, healthcare and stability. FSW Australian correspondent JANCY LEW explains Melbourne’s excellent feng shui and says, «Several other cities in Australia have also in the past been ranked within the top 10 positions. Sydney for instance took 6th position, Perth 8th position and Adelaide 10th position in past surveys.» We bring you Jancy’s description of Melbourne’s amazingly good feng shui!

What makes Melbourne so special?
Good food, multi-cultural ethnic groups, major sporting events, healthcare, environment or just simply excellent feng shui. Melbourne is located in the Southeast of Australia. It has what we call in feng shui terms «an embrace form» whereby Melbourne city itself is located directly in the center of the embrace point. As seen on the Melbourne map from the view towards Port Philip Bay, the left wing (Mornington Peninsular to Portsea side) extends out more than the right wing (Geelong to Portarlington side) in an embrace form, and both wing ends inwards which gives it fantastic feng shui to accumulate the wealth within Melbourne in Port Philip Bay. There is a small gap for the water to flow in and have it accumulate within.

For power, support and authority, the ranges and hills that surround Melbourne provide its residents strong support; not forgetting «Table Mountain» beyond Port Philip Bay that is King Island. This stores the «Chi«, bringing it to an excellent formation. Those who have read my previous article on the Parliament House would find that this is the same feng shui concept that has been implemented on the Parliament House using man-made forms, but for Melbourne, these are all available naturally!

Melbourne’s excellent feng shui comes from naturally-occurring land formations, what the Chinese feng shui masters refer to as good «San He» (Environment and Landscape Form) Feng Shui. This is widely regarded as one of the most powerful schools of feng shui.

According to landform feng shui, with the kind of Land Embrace formation like what Melbourne has, the energy of the city not only benefits its residents but the good fortune extends to all 10 sons in feng shui terms (see diagram below on a beneficiary of a land embrace). This is because the land embrace has covered all areas to the great benefit of all the sons of the family.

So it is NOT surprising that the Men of Melbourne are good looking, have great fashion sense and most importantly, good intellectual qualities and capabilities!

Melbourne has been ranked second best city for men right after New York City in a poll by men’s website They ranked 29 cities across the globe based on how good the city was for men to live, work and play. It was also based on factors such as the amount of annual leave, the ratio of men to women and many other factors that benefit the male gender. So guys what are you waiting for? Time to relocate to Melbourne huh!!!


Melbourne capital of Victoria with a population close to 4 million, was first occupied by the Wurundjeri Indigenous Australian of the Woiwurrung language group that that lived in this area for about 30,000 years before the arrival of the European Colonization. During the 19th Century, various settlers explored Port Philip Bay from 1800, but there weren’t any actual permanent settlers at that time, until 1835 when John Batman, a successful farmer from Tasmania, sailed in and struck a deal to buy 600,000 acres of land from the local Wurundjeri people, paying for the land with scissors, flannel jackets, shirts, blankets, knives, flour and promise of a yearly tribute or rental payment. He then built up the settlement area with John Pascoe Fawkner and founded Melbourne that was then called «Batmania«. Melbourne is unique in that it is an Australian settlement of free people and not of convicts.

The Boom Years
The boom period lasted 40 years during which there was rapid growth of schools, libraries, art galleries and learned societies. The city was famously referred to as «Marvelous Melbourne» a tag given by English Journalist George Augustus Henry Sala that is still very much in use today. Many historical buildings were built in this period. The first Australian steam railway was built between Flinders Street and Port Melbourne, and Queen Victoria Market was founded. Other famous historical buildings were the Melbourne Football Club, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Town Hall and the Royal Exhibition Building.

The first cable tramline operated when the Town Hall was completed, and the Gold Rush then brought in the city’s ornate Victorian architecture. Chinatown was established during the Gold Rush. Soon after that, Melbourne overtook Sydney to become the largest city in Australia. Need I add that most of the historical buildings built in Melbourne have better feng shui than latter-day contemporary modern Melbourne buildings! Maybe it is time to bring more feng shui knowledge into Melbourne to fully tap into the excellent landform chi energy of the city.

Melbourne has always been rated one of the wealthiest cities of Australia with its rich history and the discovery of gold in 1851. It has become the major port of Australia and has grown rapidly. Gold fever took hold and stories of the gold rush abound. Gold Nuggets were being picked up without even having to dig, and this brought an enormous influx of wealth. Victoria then was known as the paradise of the working man. The economic boom of the Victorian Gold Rush peaked in the 1880s, making Melbourne the richest city in the world at that time.

Melbourne’s wealth continues to accumulate within the Port Philip Bay area; where good «Chi» settles bringing naturally good feng shui to that part of Melbourne that is King Island. Many of Australia’s largest corporations have their head offices here… five of its ten largest based on revenue and market capitalization and two of its four major banks are here! Its seaport is the busiest in Australia, and its airport is the second busiest. Melbourne is also the centre of the country’s automotive industry and is its top tourist city in terms of visitors and revenues earned.

Happily then, wealth has accumulated within the city. This is a great manifestation of good feng shui with the sea bringing wealth to a city. This same orientation in Landform Feng Shui can likewise help homes and buildings that have a water-facing frontage. This can be most auspicious when embraced by land on the left and right and supported by big mountains behind.

Education and Health
Melbourne also has some of the best educational institutions in the world. The quality of its education and its prestigious universities have attracted many foreigners to its shores! Indeed Melbourne was ranked the world’s fourth top University City in the world in 2008, and holds first ranking based on the recent National ranking amongst Australian universities. Health care is also ranked highly.

Stars who became Hollywood big names
Melbourne does not just produce big time winners in the political field, but many of its performers have gone on to garner world fame and recognition amongst whom are Cate Blanchett, Kylie Minogue, Geoffrey Rush, Rachel Griffiths, Guy Pearce, Eric Bana, Chris Hemsworth and more!

Melbourne is the birthplace of television for Australia, with an extensive history of hits like Ghost Rider, Charlotte’s Web, Knowingand many others. The city plays host to world famous cultural events and festivals including the Melbourne International Film Festival, various Arts Festivals . The Australian Ballet is based in Melbourne as is the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. This big variety of cultural events has made it the second city in the world to be named a UNESCO City of Literature. Melbourne also hosted the 1956 Summer Olympics and its annual Melbourne Cup, Australian Grand Prix Formula One, and Australian Open are BIG dates in the global calendar of horse racing, car racing and tennis respectively.

There is thus no doubt at all that the Feng Shui of Melbourne is incredibly auspicious. Its residents have been benefiting from its excellent location facing water embraced by the celestials and supported by big mountains. No doubt it will continue to grow and expand through the coming years, as its feng shui will last through many generations.

Pursuit of Happiness
So what does great natural form environment landscape feng shui do for people? I am happy to report that Victoria and Melbourne City are rated the top happiest city in Australia and is ranked in the top 5 in the world. Victoria may not have mining resources like other states but people here are happy with their lives. People here do relatively well supported by availability of good housing with low unemployment. Victorians are optimistic and contented with their way of lifestyle. So «No Worries Mate!»

Embracing Feng Shui in Melbourne
Amongst all the states of Australia, Melbourne is the most knowledgeable about feng shui – its practice and its applications. Is this just pure coincidence or good luck that this city also has the most excellent landform feng shui? I would say that this city has all the eight aspirations kind of luck – power, support and authority luck, wealth luck, health luck, knowledge and education luck, career luck, love and happiness luck, fame and recognition luck and producing quality children luck.

Melbournians are open-minded people willing to go the extra mile to improve their life and to take up challenges. I can just say that with great feng shui comes great quality people. Surely this has to be just truly Marvelous Melbourne!

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