Fur Babies


Dog Baby Carriage

Dogs are now taking the place of human babies in baby carriages. There is no bigger sign that your civilization is facing some serious issues with motherhood than when this becomes a popular trend.

As the number of children per household decreases, the number of pets per household has been increasing. Expect to see the ownership of pets pushed in the media because social engineers know that pets activate the same areas of the brain in women as their own children would, making depopulation and the breakup of the human family easier on women’s psyches. This is detailed by Lori Palley, at the Center for Comparative Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Several previous studies have found that levels of neurohormones like oxytocin – which is involved in pair-bonding and maternal attachment – rise after interaction with pets, and new brain imaging technologies are helping us begin to understand the neurobiological basis of the relationship.

Additional studies of maternal attachment indicate that women in particular are more than willing to replace having their own offspring with a dog or a cat because of the neurobiological reasons above. A full 83% of pet owners call themselves their pet’s mommy.

A quarter of a century ago, turning pets into stand-in children was the subject of comedy skits, but it has since become reality. Jerry Seinfeld even made reference to it on one Seinfeld episode:

On my block, a lot of people walk their dogs, and I always see them walking along with their little poop bags, which to me is just the lowest function of human life. If aliens are watching this through telescopes, they’re going to think the dogs are the leaders. If you see two life-forms, one of them’s making a poop, the other one’s carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge?

Fur Babies

In the absence of an actual family to take care of because of too many years spent chasing careerism, hating men, or riding the cock carousel, women now fuss over their dog or cat as they would with their children in previous generations, even going so far as to play dress-up with them and putting diapers on them. The new trend is towards “disposable children,” since pets require nowhere near the amount of time and attention a child does. If a women gets tired of her pet, she can give it to someone else. Not so easy to do that with a child.

Fur Baby

As money begins to flow away from actual children and toward cats and dogs, lawmakers in the U.S. are also beginning to legally anthropomorphize pets, turning them into substitute human beings with many of the same protections under law that would be given to a child. There are now options to buy Pet Protection on LegalZoom, including to leave an inheritance to a dog or cat and to nominate a legal guardian. Also, animal abuse has become a term equivalent to child abuse in many jurisdictions. (I am not advocating animal abuse, but it should not be considered the same crime as abusing another human being.)

Feminism and Cultural Marxism Break Up the Family

Replacing children with pets benefits not only Cultural Marxists who have been trying to break up the family for 50 years, it also benefits the retail industry which can shovel more material crap into an economy that already can’t function without wasteful spending. The pet services industry has burgeoned into a $40 billion a year industry. This industry knows that women make up the vast majority of wasteful consumer spending because women make 4 out of 5 purchasing decisions, so most of their products are geared towards women.

Whites have been below replacement fertility in the U.S. for two generations, which is why they are being demographically replaced by immigrants. The below replacement rate fertility is a tribute to social engineering and a decadent, feminized society.



While problems with U.S. families have been playing out for decades, Marxists have succeeded more recently in successfully destroying the family in Mexico where the family has traditionally been even more central to life.

The implications the destruction of the nuclear family has on society and the economy are discussed in the documentary Demographic Winter. Demographic Winter details how the economic bubble of the 1990s and then the crash of 2008 were initimately linked to Baby Boomer demographics. In the 1990s, the boom was largely created by Baby Boomers reaching the period of “peak spending” in their lives. Once this demographic surfeit (more people spending in the economy) turned south, the bubble burst in 2008.

There were of course, many other factors also involved in this upturn and downturn, but periods of population increase are correlated with growing economies, and periods of population decrease are correlated with shrinking economies.


What’s Next

Moving the father from the center of the family and replacing him with government and consumer spending is having the desired effect of reducing population. But it is also turning women into parodies of true motherhood and setting them up for abandonment and mental illness in their old age. Cute as the pets may be, in the long run a dog or cat are not going to look after women in their golden years like their own children would.

Pets are not going to help the economy run, nor are they going to assume responsibility for the challenges the society faces.

This cultural rot (Marxism) will spread even further around the globe unless something is done to stop it. That dystopian could be called “Culture Zero.” It’s when the dreams of the globalists will have been realized and the entire earth and all its people behave like the West does today. What a dystopia, several billion braindead consumers lumbering around the mall with animals for children.


Animals Now Used as Stand-In Children