Female Xenophilia As Revenge Fantasy

From Days of Broken Arrows,

Runaway Maternalism Is Female Narcissism.” It’s worse than that. It’s a form of revenge.

Most runaway maternalism comes from the childless-and-single crowd. They misdirect those feeling onto things like pitbulls and refugees BECAUSE they know these very things will harm the innocent children of the happy couples they resent and despise.

You know that awful feeling men get when we see a stunningly beautiful woman we can’t have? Well, barren women get that feeling when they see the children they never had. The different is that “10s” are few and far between but babies are everywhere.

This is what makes The Barren Womb crowd more insidious than the male incel crowd. They mask their hatred as altruism.

The end.

It’s brutal ’cause it’s true.

I really do think though that this is a multifaceted problem, and that there are multiple, positively reinforcing psychological motivations behind female xenophilia and pathological maternalism. Many childless women, young and spinster, seek an outlet for their unfulfilled nurturing instinct, and find it in pit bulls, rapefugees, and border beanlets.

But DoBA is right; revenge plays into the sick compulsion as well. Single White women are bitter and are taking it out on normal, healthy White America. Trump is their lightning rod to “resist”. The solution is not to give these bitterbitcheswhat they want; you don’t bargain with a vengeful woman who wants to make everyone as miserable as herself. The answer is to defy their screeching and break their spirits with a campaign of mockery and shaming. Only then will they be ready to submit to the will of their White men.